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Local gelato ice cream makers, Gelato Italia approached me to work with them on a range of exciting new projects.

They’d recently acquired two brands Cecily’s and Poco Gelato, as well as a new venture –

At this new phase in the business’ journey, they required my help to create designs for print and digital.


Cecily’s – update an existing logo and supply in a vector format. Create packaging for a sample ice cream pot (using their assets), retouch product photography and design digital ads for a major online supermarket chain.

Poco Gelato – create large stickers for promotional use for each flavour of ice cream. – design a logo and graphics for their new rental ice cream van business.


Cecily’s – I adapted the current branding to work across an array of product items. This has contributed to the national success of Cecily’s Artisan Ice Cream.

Poco Gelato – I worked with the brand assets provided, to create artwork which retained the stylish brand identity and then printed to a high standard. – the stand-out graphics I created have been well received by the public, providing an excellent start to this new business.


Print Design  |  Branding  |  Digital Design  |  Retouching  |  Illustration


Print Design  |  Branding  |  Illustration

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